Saturday, January 5, 2013

Simple Skirt

I don't own any skirts other than one floral printed pencil skirt (co J.Crew) and one jersey maxi skirt. I never seem to find skirts I like enough to buy, or have ideas for outfits I would wear that include skirts. One of my goals this late winter or spring is to get a skirt and where it as an everyday piece. I love Candice Swanepole's simple skirt outfit, and it's so easy even I'm tempted to buy a skirt now. Does anyone else struggle to find skirts, and skirt outfits, they like?

Simply Skirt Outfit from Tess Danielle

xo Tess

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  1. I have a terrible shortage in skirts too. I think it's because in the past my selection of skirts was very limited and one dimensional. I'm definitely working on adding more to my wardrobe, though!